Headed to SummerSongs in July...

This July, as I do most summers, I'll be headed to SummerSongs, my favorite songwriting retreat. If you're a songwriter, or have ever aspired to write a song (and we ALL have it in us), I highly recommend it! It's for all levels, beginner to pro, with a wide variety of classes, coaching, open mics, song circles and jams. Or, you can just hang back and let your creativity flow with no schedule in mind at all! The "camp" takes place July 23-29, 2017 and is in Stony Point, NY at a beautiful retreat center — about 30 miles north of NYC. 

Founded by my mentor Penny Nichols in 1999 (that's her and me in this sweet pic), SummerSongs was a life-changing experience for me starting in 2003. It was the first time I was ever in an environment where EVERYONE loved music and songwriting like I do. Where I felt like I was part of a "tribe," a community of like-minded peers. And, for the past 14 years, I've received so much support and encouragement to pursue my passion and have made — seriously — HUNDREDS of songwriting friends. 

Here's a blog post I wrote all about it:

The early-bird price (until April 30) is $845 and includes standard lodging, all classes, all meals (local/organic/yummy), all coaching, all jams, all open mics, all the fun. 

GREAT teachers on tap for this summer: DAVID ROTH, SLOAN WAINWRIGHT, ABBIE GARDNER, JOHNSMITH, VITO PETROCITTO, GLEN ROETHEL, MARK DANN, SUE RILEY and STEVEN PRASINOS...classes in songwriting, performance, singing, harmonies, piano, guitar, and more! 

Did I mention there is a Fair Trade shop, chickens, a farm, a meditation room and a labyrinth on the premises? :)